Lost inside alone in the wind

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This is just a reminder that we are now in the suicide season. Thoughts of suicide increase between the months of November and February, with the highest increase occurring in the month of December. With increase thoughts comes increased pain. An intense pain that is often hidden by a smile.
The cause of this increase is often an overwhelming feeling of being alone, rejected, and unloved. Even if the person is surrounded by people, these emotions can still wrap themselves … around someone, engulf them completely before consuming them quickly.
It is nothing that anyone has done personally. These emotions are in the air because everyone is expected to be surrounded by family, but not everyone has family in their lives. Thoughts of missing people begin to fill the air, and these are the emotions that cling to those of us sensitive to them.
There is something everyone can do to help ease the pain, even if for a few moments. Tell someone that you love them. There does not have to be a reason, just that you love them. Do not expect a reply, just speak the words, and genially mean them.
You never know, your words could be the lifeline they use to keep from drowning in the dark emotions, and turning thoughts of suicide into actions of.

Lost Inside Alone In The WindLost Inside Alone In The WindLost Inside Alone In The WindLost Inside Alone In The Wind